• Mt Difficult Kearney K18

    Semen is now available in an exciting new sire that has added to the Morganvale gene pool in Mt Difficult Kearney K18. He was selected as an ideal joining sire for heifers – being a unique combination of calving ease, low birth weight, high growth and high carcase values.

    Kearney ranks in the Top 30% for 16 measured traits, including:

    Top 1% – Rib & Rump, Supermarket, Grass Fed & European Union Dollar values.
    Top 5% – Calving Ease, Scrotal, Inter Muscle Fat & Grain fed.
    Top 10% – Birth Weight & Gestation Length.
    Top 15% – EMA & Docility
    Top 20% – 600 Day Growth
    Top 25% – 200 Day Growth
    Top 30% – 400 Day Growth

  • Yavenvale Niagara N285

    At the recent Yavenvale on property sale we selected Yavenvale Niagara N285 for the second top price of $24000 . A homozygous polled sire with a top 1% for grain fed and EU indexes

    He also has top 1% for scrotal size and IMF as well as top 5% for EMA . Semen is available in this exciting young sire.


  • Injemira Anzac H006 M164

    Reg no IHSM164
    A big volume sire with a powerful carcase and a soft skin and hair type . His data is as good as it gets Top 1% 200, 400 & 600 day growth and all 4 $ indexes along with top 5% EMA &  IMF
    Top 10% milk


  • Yavenvale Milestone M397

    Purchased  in partnership with Kerlson Pines – reg no YAVM397

    A high performing son of Koanui Techno 3062 who has a top 1% EBV for 200 400 and 600 day growth and all $ indexes , top 5% for SS and IMF , top 10% for EMA


  • Woonallee Mcgraw

    Reg no WEEPM177
    Sired by the imported sire in Erixon Pit Boss and out of the dominant cow Woonallee Choro H253




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