Morganvale's breeding objective is to breed cattle that are fully described and have genetics and physical ability to meet market specifications and clients's breeding objectives.
A balance is required where the herd is self replacing with high fertility and efficiency of the female portion being critical.
Strategies to achieve this objective

  • All cattle run under commercial conditions
  • A moderate birth weight with optimum growth, carcase muscularity that meets market specifications
  • Performance test to accurately describe genetic merit whilst maintaining structural soundness

These indexes are designed to allow balanced selection for various market end points
They rank animals for a simle goal - PROFIT
Indexes appportion the amount of selection pressure that needs to be applied to the four market goals
The $values depend on the economic impotance of traits and for antagonisms between traits for each market

The logic of genetic improvement is that selection decisions are based on differences - it is not how different they appear , but how different their progeny will be that is important.
How the differences are measured dictates how much genetic gain is made

  • Visual assessment - tells what we think is there
  • Scans - tells what is there , but not how it got there
  • EBV's - tell how much of what's there will be passed onto the progeny

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