Black Simmentals

Morganvale Black Simmentals was registered in 2012 to provide seed stock to commercial producers wishing to take advantage of hybrid vigor, increased muscling and market suitability
in British bred herds.

The stud is owned and operated , with cattle being our sole income and passion by Allan and Heather Morgan . It is run alongside a registered herd of Poll Herefords in the upper south east
of South Australia in a winter dominated rainfall of 500mm/ annum.

Cattle are run under commercial conditions, in large contemporary groups this leads to a type which thrives under our conditions- a softer mid maturity easy fleshing positive fat animal. The high maternal traits of Black Simmentals proving to be ideal in producing these types.

Use of artificial insemination gives us access to world leading genetics currently in 2014

Mr CATALYST and Mr ICON are being used with a son Triple BETTIS – Pert G140 being our herd sire – a focus on growth muscle and positive fat being our objectives.

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